Catholic Tastes

Violence and pederasty mainly.


We may, occasionally, be talking about a judicious and well aimed clip round the lughole.

But only occasionally.

The Pope’s brother gave a rare insight yesterday into a pervasive culture of violence at Roman Catholic institutions, admitting that he hit children while he was choirmaster at a German boarding school.

Georg Ratzinger led Germany’s leading Catholic boys’ choir, the Regensburger Domspatzen, for 30 years until 1994. The school and its choir are at the centre of allegations of sexual abuse over several decades.

In an interview with the Catholic newspaper Passauer Neue Presse, Monsignor Ratzinger, 86, said that he had no knowledge of sexual abuse but admitted that boys were often punished harshly, sometimes in an arbitrary manner.

And here’s what Catholicism is all about:

“I myself handed out slaps repeatedly, although I always had a bad conscience about it,” he said.

Ah well – you’re sinful and imperfect anyway, and confession makes it all go away, eh?

He added: “I was happy when in 1980 corporal punishment was banned by law.”

So, as a deeply religious man, you couldn’t stop doing something that you knew to be wrong, and it was only legislation that made you stop?

As an aside, isn’t this how all bansturbatory law succeeds? Through people willingly abdicating moral judgements to the law? And you might understand a small-minded secularist victim-monkey taking that view. But a senior fucking religious guy? Come on.

What an absolute bunch of shite you and your sky pixy are, Georg.



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