Nonsense, vacuity, ephemera, distractions, windmills and straw men

Sterling took another beating today on the back of collapsing exports. Ratings agency Fitch described UK PLC’s credit profile as ‘deteriorated’.

Business and the markets have given their judgement on the consequences of a hung parliament – or worse a Labour victory.

As it is, there has been zero growth in GDP over the last 5 years, while national debt has more than doubled. After quantitative easing (printing money) provided the sole source of growth pulling us out of recession in Q4, inflation is now exploding. We are, to employ jargon. in the shit. A double-dip recession looks ever more likely.

Indications are that violent crime has risen by more than 40% since 1997.

Powers over us are being handed out like sweeties to all sorts of otherwise unemployable itinerants.

The police are shown time after time to be, actively or de facto, the enemy of the general public. Not to mention corrupt.

Unjust incarcerations, prosecutions and extraditions are the norm.

The public sector is a colossal waste of money and riddled with union activity – going on strike 15 times more often that the private sector, in spite of unsackability, a promotion escalator, early retirement and gold plated pensions.

Admission to an NHS hospital is a one-way trip to callous dehumanisation, quite possibly culminating in an untimely death. Those in charge will still get bonuses and pay rises, though.

Our movements by air are subject to mandatory body-scans, which are intrusive, an invasion of privacy and a health risk.

Our underfunded military are deployed in two unpopular wars. Hundreds of troops are dying due to sub-standard training and equipment. Brown dissembles, obfuscates and double-counts funding to avoid culpability for those deaths.

Three MPs and a Peer are facing criminal charges for expenses fiddling. Hundreds more have said their mea culpas. Or indeed, haven’t.

We’ve had the coldest winter in 31 years. Lots of other parts of the world have had record cold & snow, including Dubai and Barcelona. The Climate Change consensus is in tatters.

The UK is soon to experience a catastrophic shortage of electricity generating capacity.


  • Jon Venables
  • Sky News showed Cameron doing his hair
  • Non-doms
  • Dangerous dogs (not, you’ll note dangerous owners of dogs)
  • International Wimmin’s Day
  • A panic button on Facebook for those who feel threatened (not for those who feel so unthreatened they are lured to their deaths)
  • Bugging of England football monkeys
  • Robbie Williams. Cheryl Cole. John Terry.

Fuck you all, Britain, fuck you very, very much.


8 thoughts on “Nonsense, vacuity, ephemera, distractions, windmills and straw men

  1. An excellent post AJ. Just about sums up the great British Public and their level of interest in the state of their country.

  2. When we do experience “a catastrophic shortage of electricity generating capacity” and people suddenly find they can’t watch Sky News, Eastenders, Corrie etc, etc, maybe they will finally wake from their sleep, and realise what the rest of us have been trying to tell them for years….

    Of course by then it will be too bloody late.

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