Microsoft offers choice of other browsers that manifestly suck

A bit slow with this one, but it became relevant to me today.

I’ve tried them all for prolonged periods, and still ended up back with Internet Explorer. And that still sucks.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

This is the latest, most secure version of the browser for one reason or another you’ve likely to have been using for years. If you’re using Internet Explorer 6 or 7, I’d highly recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 if only because of the numerous security flaws with the old versions of this browser.

Good points:
• It’s familiar
• "Accelerators" and "Web Slices" tools allow you to view selected information from targeted websites without actually having to visit them
• Good protection against malware, viruses and phishing attacks
• The tabs feature means if a web page crashes, the whole browser shouldn’t freeze

Minus points:
• Noticeably slower than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, particularly for viewing websites with lots of JavaScript like Google Mail
• Customisation options are lower than with Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is from the not for profit Mozilla foundation. Open source, it’s created by volunteers and without much in the way of advertising, around one in five of us in Britain already use it.

Good points:
• Firefox was one of the first browers to offer tabs, allowing you to have multiple websites open at the same time
• The open source nature of Firefox means that there are thousands of plugins and widgets to enhance your web browsing experience. It’s highly customisable

Minus points:
Firefox does crash and can suck up huge amounts of memory. It is sometimes hard to shut it down even through manual settings
• Some of the security elements need to be added on manually

Google Chrome

Google wanted to reinvent the web browsing experience by building a lightweight, open source programme designed for complex browsing tasks.

Good points:
• A single address bar and search bar makes browsing more simple
• Works well for web based applications and processing data particularly with Google applications

Minus points:
• The single address and search bar may be a bit confusing
• Microsoft claimed that Google Chrome records every key typed into the bar. But Google told Channel 4 News that if a user chooses Google as their default search engine, two per cent of data inputted intro the bars are stored by them, but in an anonymous form
It can and does crash

Apple Safari

Only available on Windows since 2008, this is the default browser on Apple computers. It’s ironic that there haven’t been forced to also offer their customers the chose of other browsers.

Good points:
• Stylish and fast
• There’s an Apple iPhone style "cover view" screen where you can quickly view all of the websites you’ve previously visited

Minus points:
• There’s a lack of customisation, Apple decides it knows best
It can use large amounts of memory and crash


Opera has been around for years and has often innovated new features – such as tabbed browsing – long before its larger rivals.

Good points:
• It’s fast and simple to use, many of the features will be familiar
• Opera Turbo compresses web pages and images which can considerably speed up browsing when on a slow connection or perhaps using mobile broadband

Minus points:
• Not all websites display correctly on Opera, mainly because many designers don’t test their websites with it
• Opera Turbo does reduce the quality of images

So, what we have is 5 competing products, 3 from some of the richest and most tech-savvy companies in the world. Three of them eat memory and crash, one doesn’t render pages properly, and one’s dog-slow and makes up its standards as it goes along.

How the fuck did we get here?



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4 Responses to Microsoft offers choice of other browsers that manifestly suck

  1. countdruncula says:

    Yup, it’s official, all browsers suck. In the spirit of the author of the mutt email client, who once stated, “All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less”, I’ve been trying to find one that doesn’t eat donkey cock all day long. Two promising ones are arora and rekonq. Since they are both in early development they are not without their problems but the are lightweight, fast, and both now have adblocking.

  2. I suspect that ultimately different browsers suit different users. Myself I can’t abide Firefox, I really really don’t like it and I also can’t understand why it’s so “popular”. What I do love though is Chrome, and apart from 1 or 2 “random” crashes on my Windows PC it’s been fine, although I have noticed it having a few “issues” with Youtube on my Ubuntu laptop, no idea why ?

    Before Chrome I’d tried most browsers (don’t like Opera either) and pretty stuck with IE for a number of years. But after using Chrome for a few days I vowed never to go back, I love it.


  3. Longrider says:

    I’ve used three of the five. I like Opera but it isn’t fully supported, so I’ve ditched it. I like Firefox and don’t have memory or crashing problems.

    As to Steve’s question – why do people like it? It does what it says on the box. Little add-ons like adblocker are the cream on the cake. Not tried Chrome so cannot comment on it.

    Ultimately, you pays your money and takes your choice – except you don’t, they are all free. So, perhaps we get what we pay for, eh?

  4. Roue le Jour says:

    You didn’t mention add-ons/plug-ins. Firefox is pretty good in this regard, which is why I use it.

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