Tories forget that the police are the pussycats of whoever is in power

So I expect the following to change quite soon after Spam takes Number 10.


And what with Ian Blair and the Damian Green affair it’s no surprise, but they should remember that:

In the 1980s the police were met with the taunt “Maggie Thatcher’s boot boys” when their ranks were deployed to trample the enemy within.

The Thatcher Government laid on an overtime bonanza during the miners’ strike from which thousands of Metropolitan Police officers did very nicely. The police were seen as heavy handed in the policing of anti-government protests, from CND marches and anti-apartheid vigils right up to the pitched battles of the 1990 poll tax riots.

Baroness Thatcher is still something of a heroine for many officers; she was lauded as the guest of honour last December at the annual dinner for retired Met detectives.

So the Tories will simply get busy transforming the police back into their sort of boot-boys.

Repair work is under way. In London, the tensions between Scotland Yard and the Mayor’s office have abated and late last week Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, met Sir Hugh Orde, the president of ACPO, for the first time in several months. But powerful people at Tory campaign headquarters remain determined to tackle the issue of police reform.

Et voilà.



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One Response to Tories forget that the police are the pussycats of whoever is in power

  1. Ethan says:

    Certainly need apolitical police. Presently they are Labours stormtroopers and thats a fact!

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