Hundreds more simian cretins to be given uniforms and police powers

Via the must-read Big Brother Watch, and further to previous reporting of this disturbing trend:


Almost 1,700 people, also including car park attendants and dog wardens, already have powers to hand out a string of fines and even take photographs of low level offenders under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.

Under CSAS, a chief constable can give employees of local authorities or private companies limited powers such as the right to hand out on-the-spot fines for offences including disorder, truancy and littering; stopping vehicles for roadside tests and confiscating alcohol.

They have their own uniform and badge and can demand names and addresses as well as take photographs of offenders.

There are 1,667 so-called "accredited persons" in England and Wales with 109 organisations, including 31 private companies, involved across 26 forces.

A further 478 civilians have been given the power to stop vehicles to check for out-of-date tax discs.

Question: Given the existence of the motor insurance database, the MOT database and DLVA’s VED database – why do we need to hand out ‘powers’ to Napoleonic muppets?

But a section buried in a recent Home Office neighbourhood policing strategy document read: "The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) is a powerful way for the police to work with partners and to make the most out of other people whose job is to keep their neighbourhoods safe by giving them a limited range of powers to tackle ASB (anti-social behaviour).

"The Government and ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officer) will review CSAS to see how it can be expanded to more forces and organisations."

Oh well.. what could possibly go wrong?



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2 Responses to Hundreds more simian cretins to be given uniforms and police powers

  1. Ethan says:

    ACPO is in fact a private company. They get funding from HMG and of course parrot Labour’s lies ad nauseum.

    Your headline though is sublime.

    Hundreds more simian cretins to be given uniforms and police powers

    Priceless…and true.

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