Let me be absolutely clear about this

… is rapidly becoming the most infuriating phrase the lexicon of political gobshitery.

Worse still is, it is being adopted by not only the media talking heads, but also by the Gavin Flipchart business monkeys of this world.

The latter have obviously not cottoned on to the fact that we all know, as soon as this qualificatory turd emerges from anyone’s mouth, that what follows will be neither clear, nor absolute. Quite apart from the cheeky implication that we are obstructing the other party from being absolutely clear in the first place, what follows will, in fact, be the most bare-faced and unmitigated bollocks you’re likely to hear all day.

So please, just fucking stop it. The game’s up.

Why not just say, “let me preface my response with forewarning of obfuscation, meaningless jargon and appeals to both authority and primal fear, followed by an artful destruction of the straw man I’ve deftly created to divert you.”



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

3 Responses to Let me be absolutely clear about this

  1. It’s really annoying on the ambulance chasers advert as well, injury lawyers 4 muppets or whatever it is.

  2. pete s says:

    Same as when someone says – ‘ I’m not being funny, but…..’

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