What we signed up for: an EU fuel tax



Proposals expected to be announced next month would give the EU its first funding which would not come from national governments.

Algirdas Semeta, the new European commissioner for taxation, is planning a "minimum rate of tax on carbon" across the whole EU as a "priority".

Fuck. Right. Off.



3 thoughts on “What we signed up for: an EU fuel tax

  1. This could be a blessing in disguise. Finally it might make us pull out of the EU.

    As Mr T might say. ‘I pity the fool that don’t use LPG’..I do 25K miles a year in an 1800cc MPV an I use precisely ten pounds worth of petrol a month….a shitload of LPG but very little petrol.
    LPG at 51% of the price of unleaded is so cheap that you can use as much as you like and still feel a bit smug.


    Cost me £1500 two years ago it’s now £1100 for a 4cyl vehicle. Best money I ever spent. Now I’m in pure profit!

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