To Protect (themselves) and Serve (themselves)

Just a few bad apples…


A police chief who allegedly set fire to a car to destroy evidence of his affair with a barrister’s wife has been arrested.

Chief Superintendent Jim Trotman had been using the police hire vehicle to visit his mistress and wanted to hide the fact he illegally clocked up mileage for personal use, sources said.

Wait.. what? You torched a police car? Okay – if you’d killed someone and you need to destroy DNA evidence, maybe you’d torch the car. To avoid explaining unauthorised mileage, though? Personally, though, I’d avoid getting xaught for that by catching a fucking taxi.

Why do these senior coppers end up doing such stupid shit? Dizaei fitting a bloke up over a £600 web-design bill? This bloke with his Swan Vestas? This one, with her light fingers?

After the car was destroyed by the flames, Mr Trotman claimed he was the victim of an arson attack and even named the barrister as a possible suspect, they added.

Another fit up? For fuck’s sake.

The married father-of-two has also been suspended from Thames Valley Police while detectives investigate allegations of arson, insurance fraud and perverting the course of justice.

Perhaps he’ll be joining Dizaei Rascal in clink – and even get a chamber-pot full of shit over his head. LOL.


UPDATE: Should probably mention that the allegedly light fingered one submitted Not Guilty at a plea hearing and will go to trial next month.


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