30 years ago

In last week’s Spectator, was an article reminding us that it was 30 years ago this week the Robert Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe.


What the online version of the article doesn’t appear to include is the sidebar containing quotes from British Press of the time. For example:

5th March 1980.

The Guardian:

The Rhodesian elections have produced the best possible decision.  Anything else would have been not a decision but a lack of decision, leading to long and damaging infighting or worse.  There should be no mistaking that Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo know that the unity of their country is absolutely essential and will set out to achieve it.  This emphatic endorsement puts them in the strongest position to do so.

Zimbabwe has voted as one nation, and the outlook for the country is better now than it has ever been.

The Mirror:

Robert Mugabe, Marxist hero of the Rhodesian blacks, will be known officially as Comrade Prime Minister.  The whites fear him for his Marxist views and his threat to destroy the society which they have built for themselves.  But Robert Mugabe is unlikely to try to change everything overnight.  He wants the whites to stay…  in a sharing role.  For he is a man dedicated to building a new life for his black nation.  A life which embraces Western attitudes, too.

I see their political analysis has improved no end over the years then.

Of course, it should not go unmentioned that Robert Mugabe has, apparently, recently endorsed a Tory victory in the coming election.


Update: Commenter countdruncula points out that ‘it wasn’t just the left wing press that fêted RobMug – practically the entire British establishment were falling all over each other to felate the old shitbag when he came to power.’

Well – that doesn’t appear to be quite true.. here’s a pic of the rest of the clips the Speccie included (click to enlarge):



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5 Responses to 30 years ago

  1. countdruncula says:

    You neglect to mention that it wasn’t just the left wing press that fêted RobMug – practically the entire British establishment were falling all over each other to felate the old shitbag when he came to power. They ignored the massacres in the early days that saw thousands of his own citizens executed and tossed into shallow graves of their own construction and ended up knighting the cunt. WTF?

    • Al Jahom says:

      Post updated, hopefully shedding a little light.

      • countdruncula says:

        Yes, you are right – it wasn’t as one sided as I made out. Nevertheless, the conservative government continued to have ties with the old tossclump knowing full well he had blood on his hands.

      • countdruncula says:

        Errm you are correct in that it wasn’t as entirely one sided as I made out. The fact remains, however, that the Tory government still retained ties with Muggins despite knowing he had blood on his hands. And whoever thought it was a good idea to confer a knighthood on this consummate tossbag probably ought to hang themselves in shame.

  2. Ethan says:

    Saw the headline…Three decades of murder and misrule…thought Labour haven’t been in power that long have they? Seems like it but no.

    I see It was about that utter cunt Mugabe …now there’s a man who deserves to be bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat.

    And yes your right how our ‘betters’ thought that he was fantastic. Show s how much they know/knew.

    African Democracy…one man…one vote….once.

    Want some of our old fashioned imperialist aid cash for africa? Feck off.

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