Smoking Ban Prisoner Update From Old Holborn

Just over £6k raised so far – less than 4 to go.

Come on people, if you’ve not put a tenner in the pot, do it now.

And an interesting observation from OH:

In my research, I have noted the relevant paperwork which has thrown up a stunner. On page 23, the guidelines state:

In addition to the evidence of smoking taking place, the Courts have also indicated that they are taking into consideration the following matters:
• the number of occasions on which the council is able to demonstrate that information and advice on the smokefree requirements have been provided to the person in control;
• the failure by the person in control to take action after the receipt of such information and advice;
• public statements made by or on behalf of the person in control:
• that they do not agree with or support the smokefree legislation;
• that they are actively campaigning against it; or
• that they do not intend to do anything more than simply inform people that they should not smoke.

Officers of LACORS and the CIEH are continuing to closely monitor prosecutions and may be able to provide information on trends, levels of fines and costs, etc but not of course advice to councils in preparing their own cases. Of particular interest are those cases brought against repeat offenders which test the ability of the council to secure penalties prescribed in the legislation which will act as a deterrent against further offending as this information may be used to inform responses to further consultations by the Government.

So you can be imprisoned by New Labour for not agreeing with or supporting smokefree legislation. Nice.

A bit of a stretch perhaps, but we do have one man in prison thanks to anti-smoking legislation. Let’s get him out.



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