No sympathy week

Via Rod Liddle at the Coffeehouse, I see this:


A fireman has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after a farmer was trampled to death by a herd of cows which were spooked by his siren.

Harold Lee, 75, was moving 100 dairy cows along a B-road with son Richard when a fire engine approached with full lights and sirens on.

Errr – perhaps there was an emergency, then.

Richard, 42, claims the driver turned off the sirens at his request but became impatient when the cows failed to move quickly and then blasted them back on.

The startled dairy cows turned and stampeded back over Harold, leaving him with serious head and chest injuries from which he died six days later.

Tragic. Fine. Let the cries of ‘something must be done’ ring out.

Andrew Lee, 47, Harold’s eldest son who also works at Robins Farm in Burtle, Somerset, today praised the arrest as a ‘step towards justice’.

He said: ‘Personally I think the siren was responsible for my father’s death and his death certainly could have been avoided.

‘We want to see justice done and to prevent accidents like this happening to other families. The last six months have been very tough and hard us.

Yes dear. I remember when my father died. That was hard. It was hard because he was killed in equal parts by an uninsured woman driver and the NHS. Shit happens. There is no justice in this world.

His son Richard claimed there was ‘no need’ for them to have their sirens on full.

He said: ‘We understand they were trying to get to an accident but there was no need for them to have their sirens going. Without that this wouldn’t have happened.’

A Devon and Somerset Fire spokesman have refused to comment about the arrest but said earlier that the crew was on its way to a road accident when they came across the cattle.

Hey – maybe those firemen were on the way to cut some innocent motorist like my father out of a car that had been hit be a fuckwit. Maybe the five minutes it was taking you to get your fucking moocows off the public road represented the difference between life and death for several individuals, whom the paramedics couldn’t treat until the firemen had freed them.

So, sad as it is when any family loses a member, I call tough shit on Harold Lee and his blame-storming family. Shoulda got out of the fucking way or managed your cow-moving properly so as not to cause a potentially lethal obstruction.

Support the arrested fireman.



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2 Responses to No sympathy week

  1. JuliaM says:

    Mmm, no. Can’t agree on this one (though manslauughter is a bit much).

    Spooking a large herd of cattle from the safety of your huge firetruck might seem like a good idea, but not so for the poor sod on the ground with them.

    I doubt Mr Lee wanted to move his cows across a road; it was simply unavoidable. And he shouldn’t have to deal with people impatient to get through and prepared rtherefore to risk his life (and possibly that of any passerby) for ANY reason. There’s not much merit in arriving quickly at the scene of an accident if you leave a trail of carnage behind you…

  2. Jonathan says:

    Sorry AJ, you’re wrong. Cows have to be milked twice a day. Quite often that involves them having to cross a public road. What good the firemen thought their sirens, apart from terrifying the cows, would do is beyond me.Obviously fuck-witted townies. Oh, and as for them giving a toss:

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