Aussie antagonist poleaxed?

The below, was originally posted here:

Most amusing. Click to enlarge.





The post which originally prompted officer Bruce to leap to action was this one:




And what did he do at 4:59pm, when he emailed ‘done’?

He’d done a search and replace, removing all drugs words in favour of the word ‘cat’ – which actually made the post even more entertaining.

Earlier, it looked like the website had gone offline due to a Slashdotting or a DDOS, but now it’s clear what’s happened.


Hmmm.. he may be back.



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One Response to Aussie antagonist poleaxed?

  1. Thanks for posting that, Al. Been working and missed it before it was taken down.

    I’m always astounded at how his targets don’t realise they are being scammed but this cop must be some special kind of retard. He admits he has read the site before yet donates fucktarded material free of charge. Perhaps he’s pissed that his e-mails and original letter ended up a worldwide butt of humour. Why would he be surprised?


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