Whatever the polls say, the markets have Brown nailed

The message is unambiguous.


"The (Sunday Times) opinion poll has given us the prospect of maintaining this Government for another few years," said Hans-Guenter Redeker, head currency strategist at BNP Paribas.

"The markets have reacted and are giving a vote of no confidence in Gordon Brown."

So look. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think Labour & Gordon Brown are the best party for this country. It doesn’t even matter whether or not you turn out to be right.

The money markets have made their judgement abundantly clear. The invisible hand of the market will destroy this country if Gordon Brown retains the reins of power. The buying power of the pound is being decimated by the day and it’ll only get worse.

Today has already seen a de facto reduction of GB Plc’s credit-worthiness. Should this be augmented by S&P downgrading our sovereign debt, interest rates will rocket and our national debt will become unservicable. We’ll end up in the hands of the IMF again – or worse, the EU. Take a look at Greece and savour that thought for a moment.

The effects will make the Thatcher/Major years look like plain sailing on a glassy lake.

So whatever reasons you may have to vote Labour – ideology, pragmatism, naivety, spite or being an indentured client of the state – none of that will matter when your handout can no longer be afforded and the UK is, once again, a bomb-crater on the financial map of the world.

Whatever we may think about ‘same shit, different puppets’, the markets demand an end to this Labour government and the price they will exact for failure to do so will be eye-watering.



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3 Responses to Whatever the polls say, the markets have Brown nailed

  1. patently says:

    None of which would matter, of course, were we not dependent on those markets for the continued functioning of our government.

    Who made us so dependent? And who will Feel free to criticise these markets if they no longer feel like lending us their money? The same people, I suspect.

  2. Scorched Earth policy by Brown. Destroy the Pound so we have to crawl cap in hand and beg to be allowed into the Euro.

    Like it or lump it we’re finished as a Nation.

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