Maybe now they’ll see, when Gordon’s goons kill Portsmouth FC

I don’t know much about football – in fact I know fuck all – but I know a few south-coast folk who are committed supporters of Portsmouth FC, and with whom I’ve been to the odd game at Fratton Park.

As Kevin at B&D put it the other day:

For those that somehow don’t know, Portsmouth are in serious trouble. A small but successful club in the world’s richest league, Pompey are well liked by everyone bar Southampton and have a great bunch of fans.

Due to serious difficulties (which KB explores if you’re interested) the club recently went into administration. This immediately caused the Premier League to deduct 9 points from their total for the current season, which makes relegation practically inevitable.

As a result of this, tens of thousands of fans anxiously wait and hope that their beloved football club will be saved.

Enter HMRC.


The latest twist in the Fratton Park saga raises a fresh threat to the survival of the club just three days after it formally entered administration.

HMRC had brought a winding-up order against Portsmouth which had been due to be heard on Tuesday, but administration suspended that process.

Yep – putting the club into administration meant that HMRC plummeted down the list of creditors to be paid.

HMRC is expected to argue that Portsmouth owner Balram Chainrai did not have the power to tip the club into administration, a move that has left him as a preferred creditor who may recoup much of the £17million-£20million he lent the club.

HMRC’s motives for bringing the fresh legal action are unclear but it could mean it wants to continue pursuing the club for £12million in unpaid taxes.

So basically, they’re happy to kill the club if that means they get their money first.

Let the fans of this beleaguered club (and many of them take Pompey very seriously indeed) remember two things:

  1. That HMRC is a monster created by Gordon Brown when he was chancellor.
  2. That HMRC’s extraordinarily zealous programme of tax collection is a statement of desperation akin to looking for crack money down the back of the sofa, brought about by Brown’s phenomenal spending and borrowing.

If Portsmouth FC ceases to be, may all those fans remember the role of HMRC and Gordon Brown in the demise of their club.


HMRC has two overarching Public Service Agreement targets for the period 2008-2011:

  • Improve the extent to which individuals and businesses pay the tax due and receive the credits and payments to which they are entitled
  • Improve customers’ experiences of HMRC and improve the UK business environment



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One Response to Maybe now they’ll see, when Gordon’s goons kill Portsmouth FC

  1. Dungeekin says:

    Well done, sir.

    You’ve finally managed to find some form of use for football.


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