Tory Teddybear

I quite like to keep an eye on Tory Bear’s emissions, if only so I know where I can find Sara Scarlett.

I think, though, that our Bear should take a step back, and a deep breath, and ask himself if this really is “a glimpse into the most unpleasant sections of the Labour movement.”


A crappy, misspelt mong poster, of such quality as betrays the Labour movement not as evil, but merely imbecilic.

And if that’s the worst they can do, that fuckwit Cameron and his spastic hoards may still pull off the coup of a lifetime and get their opportunity to finish what Blair started.




#BT: Single pint of failure

So BT lose 1 exchange, in west London, and 437 exchanges lose phone, broadband or both. Our BT conference bridge is fucked as well.

Have some fehlings solution.


Useless useless mongs.




UPDATE 2: Normal service unlikely to return until Tuesday after Easter! WTF?? Second source.

***Update 20:25***

We have had an update from BT. They are saying that it may take up to 4 days to resolve the fault. They will be able to give a more definite time frame to fix once they are allowed inside the site by the fire department.

UPDATE 3: Or maybe Sunday 4th.


UPDATE 4: As of 11:10, my broadband is back, so only a 25 hour outage!

UPDATE 5: Four king hell!!! Flood water:


That via @btcare on Twatter.

Old Holborn to be outlawed in Belgium

Most people will characterise this as banning the burka.

Brussels – Belgium on Wednesday moved a step closer to becoming the first European Union country to criminalize Muslim women who hide their faces in public, as the interior affairs committee of its parliament passed a resolution against burqas and hiqabs.

As you would, if you’d only read the first paragraph. But if you read on:

According to the draft law approved by the committee, anyone caught "in public places with their face completely or partly covered or masked, so that they are no longer identifiable," should be punished with a 15 to 25 euros fine (20 to 34 dollars) and/or serve from one to seven days in prison.



Well, except those who get permission first.

Exceptions are to be made for policemen, firemen and motorcyclists wearing helmets, as well as for people taking part in public events authorized by the police.

And if they do it in Belgium, the EU as a whole will doubtless take a shine to the idea.

Belgian twats. Why can’t they be content with lace, chocolate and paedophiles?


HT @IanPJ on Twatter who was suckered by the burka aspect.

Broadband Epic Fail


My 3g stick is finally the least worst option.


UPDATE from El Reg:


Flooding then? Hmm. (Actually, see the update at the bottom.)

A fire at a BT building in central London is causing widespread landline, internet and mobile network problems, according to reports.

A blaze at Burne House in North Paddington was reported this morning.

According to Gradwell, a business ISP, 437 local exchanges and up to 37,500 Datastream circuits have been affected. It said the fire was having nationwide repercussions on communications.

Vodafone has told customers its network was also hit by the incident.

BT said in a statement: “Following a fire at a BT exchange in the Paddington area, customers in parts of North and West London may be experiencing a loss of broadband and/or telephone service. Customers in other parts of the country may also be affected."

The company was still assessing the impact of the damage, it said, "but will only know the full extent of the impact once the site has been declared safe and our engineers are able to enter the building. We will issue a further update once we have more information on the incident.” ®


Gradwell have posted an update, including a list of over 400 affected exchanges, here.

While fire was the problem earlier down in Paddington, flooding is the issue now apparently. Famine, pestilence, war and a plague of boils are surely not far behind.


… and also no shit, Sherlock!


The Transport Select Committee has warned the Government against neglecting the road network as it invests money in high speed rail.

According to the Committee, Britain has one of the lowest motorway densities in Western Europe, putting the country at an economic disadvantage.

“The remedy for this should include some initiatives to construct and upgrade motorways” the Committee said.

And who could possibly argue that this has been true for at least 13 years – every since Labour binned the whole road building programme in 1997?

Its findings enraged environmentalists who have called on the Government to cut road spending and divert the money to rail and public transport

Yes – a couple of dozen hatchet faced cunts who live a rarefied life that doesn’t in any way rely on car use, allied to…

The Committee’s call for more road building was condemned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

… a bunch of poe-faced Express reading NIMBY coffin-dodgers.

Well, I have enough faith in the British public (more fool me perhaps) to believe that they’ve had enough of their lives being stymied, their time being stolen their pockets being picked on account of fucking environmentalists and their retarded utopian schemes.

So, all being well, they’ll join me in handing said environimboids a nice big cup of shut the fuck up.



Heir to Blair

This is errr.. very depressing indeed. Even if it’s precisely what I and many other have been saying for years now.


Incidentally, no surprise to see Blair is Cunt of the Day.


H/T The intermong.

Tories adrift

To borrow first from the Clown and his unwitting contributor:

I rarely agree with the Eventard, but he’s spot on here:

But, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it’s going to happen. Mandelson & Co have just been kicking the ball around within the centre circle in this pre-election period. There is no need for the “underdog” to peak early. Why should Labour make the running while the Tories keep exposing themselves with their muddled thinking?

Soon the phoney war will end and the deadly game of winning the election will begin. What the campaign will need is a game-changing moment that will inspire and engage the voters. The party that can provide this will win the election, no matter what the polls say at the present time.

The utterly useless, vacuous Tories haven’t got a fucking story to tell that anyone wants to hear. I can’t believe that they haven’t worked out that the cuntry is fucking sick of Labour, of nannying, of taxes, of bansturbation …

They could totally their chances everything by returning to small-state conservatism, but iDave has made it quite clear that he doesn’t believe in that. This is all going to come down to a decision between two sets of appalling, amoral, unprincipled, mendacious cunts.

Fuck ’em. I really, really want them both to lose.

And then to Labourlist’s 2minute round-up of the Chancellors’ debate, which I thought was fair enough.

It’s a surprise and a shame no more was made of George’s assertion that he has the support of two people we won’t have heard of (about 10 mins into the actual programme).

There seems to be a consensus emerging that Osbonio did quite well. I thought he was appalling. Pusillanimous, condescending, soulless, unconvincing, anodyne and weak.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave commentary on Vince Cable to the Daily Mash.

IF the answer to Britain’s economic problems is Vince Cable then what are the schools like in the Dordogne, it was claimed last night

And the DibLems have got a viral video out now, which is actually not bad:


UPDATE: Mr Eugenides deals effectively with the Cable.

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