A future fail for all

It’s only a few days ago that I pointed this out:


A security company based in Essex is to be given some police powers to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Regency provides security staff at shopping centres

And today, via @PoliceStateUK on Twitter, we see precisely the sort of total fucking bell-end these powers are to be dished out to.


And just so we’re sure that real plod are much more sensible and tactful:

Geraghty-Shewan said: “He said there was no way of proving what I was doing was innocent.

“I told him Ben was my own son and that he was blowing everything out of proportion.

“Five or 10 minutes later a police officer approached and asked for my name and address.

“I raised my voice, as I was getting a little annoyed by this stage, and he threatened to arrest me for breach of the peace.

Fuck’s sake.

In a statement The Bridges said safety was taken “very seriously” at all its shopping centres.

The statement said: “We do ask our security guards across the estate to be diligent in implementing our security measures, which includes monitoring photography in our centres.

“Unfortunately on this occasion what should have been a simple polite conversation led to a misunderstanding and we apologise for any offence caused.

Too little. Too late. You total and utter retards. Have you sacked this little Paedofinder General fuckbasket? I’ll bet not.


4 thoughts on “A future fail for all

  1. And the cop who thinks the law is whatever he chooses to make up on the spot/try to see if he can get away with should be looking at a few months of dog-kennel sweeping duty too.

  2. Rather worrying that this guys blog with the full story seems to have been taken down. And today even the Google cache has vanished…..

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