BBC: Useless mongs

So the BBC are going to prune some of it’s services – and not before time.


So what is it closing down?

will announce the closure of the digital radio stations 6 Music and Asian Network

Errr okay – closing Asian Network, but 6Music? What? That’s the only fucking decent BBC radio station.

What about BBC Alba (Scots Gaelic TV), 1extra (black music), BBC Radio 7 (fuck knows what it’s for) and BBC3 (Dave-alike)?

Dicks. Ah well – one can only hope that utter fuckbag George Lamb is a casualty of this move.



6 thoughts on “BBC: Useless mongs

  1. If anything the minority interest stations (Gaelic, Asian, Black etc) are a good bit easier to justify than the great majority of what the BBC puts out on BBC 1 and 2 and Radio 1 and 2. The commercial sector simply would not provide Gaelic language coverage properly while there is no reason whatsoever for the BBC to compete with ITV/Sky etc by putting out thousands upon thousands of hours of light entertainment like Eastenders. I’m not saying the BBC should not be cut back – in fact i think it should be disbanded/licence fee abolished entirely – but the trap many people fall into when criticising it is to think that they can demand the bits they don’t like being shut down while the bits they themselves like are naturally absolutely essential.

    • Yeah – I take your point, and agree that the BBC should be parcelled up and sold off, but I don’t understand why the BBC at has to have a Gaelic channel at all.

      Why, for example, could the channel not exist on the same basis as S4C?

      Who speaks Scots Gaelic anyway??

      • XX Who speaks Scots Gaelic anyway?? XX

        I lived in Glencoe/Ballachullish for two years, and Thurso alos for two years. and in all that time, never heard a single WORD of Gaellic. And as to Gallic programmes…WHAT? Even with TRYING I never found one.

        (As far as the language goes, the ONLY person I ever met who COULD speak it, was a woman in the Scottish ethnology department at Edinburgh uni. Anmd SHE was American!)

  2. They could close Radio1,R3,R5 and R6, because they just duplicate commercial stations. Leave R2, R4 and R7 ‘cos they do things that no other station does.

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