Sting on Ethics

Since Sting annually goes head to head with Bono in the Superbowl of ‘most sanctimonious cunts’, this cannot go unremarked upon.I don’t see much need to add to the treatment he got in the Graun.


Nice of him…

"I played in Uzbekistan a few months ago," he begins. "The concert was organized by the president’s daughter and I believe sponsored by Unicef."

You can believe it all you like, Sting, but it’s absolute cobblers – Lost in Showbiz has checked it out with Unicef, who tactfully describe themselves as "quite surprised" by your claim.

But he’s only just got started digging.

"I seriously doubt whether the President of Uzbekistan cares in the slightest whether artists like myself come to play in his country," concludes Sting. "He is hermetically sealed in his own medieval, tyrannical mindset."

You will note that Sting conspicuously declines to deflect the heat by stating that he donated all or indeed any of his monstrous fee to charity. And I could go on – but at this point it feels right to hand over to former British ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray.

Always interesting…

"This really is transparent bollocks," observes Murray on his blog. "He did not take a guitar and jam around the parks of Tashkent. He got paid over a million pounds to play an event specifically designed to glorify a barbarous regime. Is the man completely mad?

"Why does he think it was worth over a million quid to the regime to hear him warble a few notes?

Why indeed.

Still, him accepting a wedge from despots, Trudie making films for Tesco – it must be said that the House of Sumner has moved into a most intriguing era of late, and we shall redouble the focus on its activities.

Splendid. Next week, Bono



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