Remember the precedent

Recently, a security guard was sent down for 3 months for allowing a dog to melt to death in his van.

Today, the trial begins of a copper accused of killing two police dogs in the same negligent way.


He’s previously pleaded not guilty, but I’m damned if I know on what grounds. The dogs were in his charge. They apparently died due to his negligence.

So we’re looking for a guilty verdict and some clink-time.

Equality and justice for all.

Oh wait.. I forgot about operation ‘not my fault’.

"There is little doubt that Pc Johnson suffered from depression and OCD. These conditions can lead to forgetfulness.”

Hmmm… mitigation my arse. I bet you’ll find no other court case where “forgetfulness due to something that can be treated with 20-60mg of Seroxat a day” was accepted ass mitigation.


UPDATE from Graun:

A police dog handler accused of leaving his two German shepherds to die in his baking hot car thought the Independent Police Complaints Commission was "out to get him", a court heard today.

ORLY? Sounds more like it’s the RSPCA who are out to get him actually, but hey ho – thanks Labour’s Animal Welfare Act.


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