Bin the plastic plods

Pointed out by Obo (though I had also seen it in the Graun). Reproduced in full due to CBA syndrome:

What the fucking fuck is it with the plastic plod and cameras?

Police questioned an amateur photographer under anti-terrorist legislation and later arrested him, claiming pictures he was taking in a Lancashire town were "suspicious" and constituted "antisocial behaviour".

For fuck’s sake!

"Because of the Terrorism Act and everything in the country, we need to get everyone’s details who is taking pictures of the town."

I think I’m going to have an embolism, really. "Because of the Terrorism Act and everything in the country"? How did this fucking imbecile get into a position of even being a plastic plod? And which fucking dildo-brained fuckpiece thought that this imbecile would be a useful addition to community policing?

When are the fucking police going to give up with this shit, stop fucking about with "anti-social behaviour" and start fucking paying attention to crime again?

Oh, and can we please shut down the failed experiment that is the PCSO clusterfuck?

Amen, clown.



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