A question I’ve not seen asked about #bullygate

How do the anti-bullying hotline know that the calls came from people working in Brown’s office?

Do they (and if so, should they) ask callers who they work for and where?

And if you are a caller and victim, would you tell some anonymong on the end of the phone that you worked in the office of the Prime Minister? Would you tell them where you work in any case?

A smell of fish is emanating from this in all directions.



One thought on “A question I’ve not seen asked about #bullygate

  1. http://thebullyinghelpline.blogspot.com/

    This blogger is alleging that the NBH requires people to give their and their employer’s details. The claim is that the ‘helpline’ then recommends using the ‘impartial’ services of HR & Diversity Management Limited, also owned by Mr and Mrs Pratt, who will supposedly help settle disputes (for a fee, of course). It is also claimed that in a substantial number of cases, HR&D found that the claimants’ complaints were ‘vexatious’, meaning they could be subject to disciplinary action or worse. Remember, these are people who phoned/emailed a helpline/national charity because they were concerned about being bullied in the workplace.

    Now I don’t know who this blogger is and whether they have any axe to grind (they claim to be working on behalf of several individuals who are unhappy with the service they received from the hotline), but if even part of this turns out to be true, it is very worrying indeed.

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