A bitch scorned


I missed this last week, but it bears mentioning.


A father has spoken of his ordeal after being wrongly named as a paedophile on Facebook by a disgruntled neighbour.

Luke Chatfield was forced to leave his job, abused in the street and had a panic alarm installed at his home in Sale, Greater Manchester.

The father-of-three said his neighbour, Sally Pepper, posted the "evil lies" due to a dispute about her loud music.

"I had to leave my job," he said, "It was too much to cope with, she had posted where I worked and I was getting constant abuse.

So what did she get for this fucking disgraceful act?

A police spokesman said Ms Pepper was fined £80 for sending false messages likely to cause distress.

Eighty fucking quid? Not much surprise she feels no remorse.

Ms Pepper told the BBC that she "was a nervous wreck" and wants to move house. She said she did not regret what she did.

What a complete and utter cunt. I hope she gets face-raped by John Prescott.



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2 Responses to A bitch scorned

  1. Henry North says:

    Cyber bullying

    If I had my way I would have wrecked her house for that kind of stuff

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