Paging Dr Woo

Good job they didn’t try this shit at the 10:23 event.


A Chinese herbalist today admitted selling dangerous pills which destroyed the health of a civil servant, amid calls to regulate the trade.

Ying "Susan" Wu, of Holland-on-Sea in Essex, pleaded guilty to selling a banned substance to a woman who went on to develop kidney failure and cancer.

An Old Bailey judge said the case had highlighted an "unfortunate" lack of regulation for traditional Chinese medicine in the UK.

But he threw out a charge of "administering a noxious substance" against the 48-year-old and she pleaded guilty to a series of lesser counts.

Ms Wu has now been given a conditional discharge.


The tiny brown pills had been advertised as "safe and natural", the court was told.

But they contained aristolochic acid, a substance which should only have been given under prescription when she first bought them, and which was later banned.

Mrs Booth became ill months after she stopped taking the pills, the court was told. She was diagnosed with kidney failure, and later with cancer of the urinary tract — both allegedly caused by the pills.

Very bleak indeed.



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7 Responses to Paging Dr Woo

  1. FaustiesBlog says:

    People are equally free to drink the bleach they buy at the supermarket. One would hope that people employ a little common sense.

    Mind you, the government employed a gaggle of no-hopers, with no medical training whatsoever, to prescribe Tamiflu – which has some gross side-effects and has effected a number of fatalities.

    People have become too sheep-like – too unthinking. It is not for governments to keep us safe. That’s our responsbility. I’d thank the government to f*ck right off out of my life! :)

  2. saltedslug says:

    Yeah, the dozy bint should never have taken it after reading “this pill has unknown quantities of unknown ingredients and even more unknown contaminants and will probably give you cancer” on the side of the bottle.

  3. Andrew Duffin says:

    Unpleasant stuff.

    However if you dig a bit more I think you will find that those making the “calls to regulate the trade” are the usual suspects who stand to benefit if it’s regulated, ie the regulators themselves, mainstream pharmacists, big pharma, the usual bansturbators, and so on.

    Caveat emptor, anyone?

  4. BTS says:

    Bit of a toss up between stupid people selling stupid stuff to other stupid people and personal responsibility once again, if I make so bold..

  5. SaltedSlug says:

    Andrew: Actually I would put those calling for regulation of this kind of herbal/chinese/pretend medicine to be the quacks themselves; being regulated in the style of pharmacies would tend to lend them credibility they don’t deserve.

    This is just out-and-out fraud, and dangerous fraud at that.

    BTS: The sellers are either ignorant and wellmeaning or switched-on and unscrupulous.
    The buyers are ignorant of the reality that ‘nature’ and all things ‘natural’ are not necessarily your friend. Cowshit and Ricin anyone?

    • BTS says:

      I was thinking along those lines myself – I don’t care how natural jism is, I’m still not interested.. But again it would therefore come down to some degree of personal responsibility to mind mind (and choice obviously – fortunately I’ve known enough girls who were quite happy to.. anyway..).

      I’m always suspicious of anything that someone feels the need to label as ‘natural’ anyway as it tends to suggest that it doesn’t have anything else going for it. Courgettes are natural but they still taste crap. Any other reason to eat them then?

      I like cucumber though..

  6. That’s horrible. I’ve decided to stop taking any vitamin pills. I think I have to be confident with my own immune system. I prefer exercise and eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy.

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