BNP Opens Membership to Gingers

A surprising move indeed.



Miss Hanson, 55, who formed the nationalist One Nation party and turned it into a political force during the 1990s, said in an interview with Woman’s Day magazine this week she had "had enough" of her homeland and was leaving. The former fish and chip shop owner said Australia was no longer a land of opportunity and she wanted to see what Britain had to offer.

I’m not sure who’s briefed her, but I suggest she doesn’t sell up prematurely…

Mr Griffin warned Miss Hanson to choose her new home carefully because Britain had become one of the "most overcrowded" nations in the world, thanks – he claimed – to the Labour Party’s decision to admit "three million spongers".

I’m only concerned with the 8 million-odd spongers who’ll always vote Labour, whichever stone they crawled out from under.



2 thoughts on “BNP Opens Membership to Gingers

  1. DP, no need to worry about her. She might be with the BNP on race/immigration – ironic given that she’s going to become an immigrant herself, chuckle chuckle – and you’re right to be suspicious of her in as much as she’d probably impose her values on a whole country if given the power to do so. But few politicians wouldn’t, and she’s as non-mainstream here as the Liberal Democrats (the Australian Liberal Democrats, which are both liberal and democratic – think LPUK with wide brimmed hats and funny accents). She’s a bit of grit in the political machine, and arguably that’s to her credit, and she’s right that Australia is less the land of opportunity than it was (according to Australians I know – I’ve not been here long enough to say but it does feel that way). We are overtaxed and over-regulated and that makes things harder than it needs to be for ordinary Aussies, but enough wool has been pulled over enough eyes that plenty will vote for more of the same. But the fact remains that she’s talking out of her arse – there are several million small businesses and sole traders in this country, and for a population of only about 22 million that’s a hell of a lot. The barriers certainly are a pain and should come down but the bottom line is that self employment, enterprise and small businesses are a big part of life here. They even advertise franchise opportunities on the TV sometimes. Can you imagine that in the UK? Pauline Hanson clearly thinks it’s better there than here, and as Al J suggests she’s in for a fucking wake up call to end all wake up calls.

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