Bint files

A few tales of woeful wimmin seen recently.


This is the first picture of Staci Hargreaves, who appeared in court charged with wounding her boyfriend by stabbing him in the eye with a stiletto heel.

It is believed the shoe penetrated Gavin Taylor’s eye socket and touched his brain. Taylor remains in hospital in a critical condition.

Hargreaves, 33, from Stalybridge, Cheshire, appeared before Bradford Crown Court charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.


A couple seen via Ambush Predator yesterday


A woman who accused a student of rape after dragging him into a public toilet for sex was spared jail yesterday.

Bisexual Sarah-Jane Hilliard, 20, seduced Grant Bowers when the two bumped into each other during a night out clubbing.

Yesterday Mr Bowers, also 20, attacked the ‘ridiculous’ sentence after Hilliard received 12 months in jail, suspended for two years. She had denied perverting the course of justice.

Mr Bowers – who says he is now afraid to speak to women – said: ‘It’s absolutely ridiculous. That’s not even a slap on the wrist. She’s been let off and I’m still having to sneak around because there are still people after me who think I did it.’

It was more than a week after his arrest that Mr Bowers discovered he was not to be charged.

But during that time Hilliard, who was in a relationship with a woman, contacted the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board in the hope of claiming up to £7,500.

Fuck’s sake.


A former Playboy Model of the Year who launched a ‘vicious and unprovoked attack’ on another woman in a jealous row over her husband walked free from court today.

Louise Glover, 27, flew into a rage in a nightclub after accusing the daughter of 80s popstar Paul Hardcastle of flirting with her husband.

She struck Maxine Hardcastle’s head against a toilet rim up to 10 times and tried to push her head down the lavatory – tearing out clumps of hair -  during a night out in Brighton, East Sussex.

But today Glover escaped a prison sentence.

Nice girl…

One more.


Equal opportunities abound.

Must look in on Jack Straw’s campaign to make sure fewer women are sent to prison. Seems to be going quite well judging from the above.



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