No wonder Tom Harris likes Dr. Who

This is not like the BBC at all.


Left wing scriptwriters hired by the BBC during the 1980s tried to inspire a ‘Tardis revolution’ by using Doctor Who as propaganda to undermine Baroness Thatcher.

In one series they caricatured the then Prime Minister as a vicious and egotistical alien ruler who banned outward displays of unhappiness among her downtrodden people and used a secret police to oppress dissidents.

Other Doctor Who plots set in distant planets included thinly veiled support for the miners’ strike and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, former actors and writers on the show have admitted.

Sylvester McCoy, the actor who played the Time Lord for two years in the 1980s, said: ‘Our feeling was that Margaret Thatcher was far more terrifying than any monster the Doctor had encountered.

‘The idea of bringing politics into Doctor Who was deliberate, but we had to do it very quietly and certainly didn’t shout about it. We were a group of politically motivated people and it seemed the right thing to do.

‘At the time Doctor Who used satire to put political messages out there in the way they used to do in places like Czechoslovakia. Those who wanted to see the messages saw them; others, including one producer, didn’t.’

Exterminate them all. 

And to put the cherry on the tarte au plus-ça-change,

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We’re baffled by these claims. This is the first we’ve heard of this and given that 20 years have passed, we find this strange. The BBC’s impartiality rules applied just as strongly then as they do to programmes now.’



3 thoughts on “No wonder Tom Harris likes Dr. Who

  1. Sylvester McCoy, lamest and most unconvincing Doctor of my childhood, turns out to be a twat as well – who’d have thunk it. Not that I was (or am) a fan of Thatcher either but it’s supposed to be entertainment, although it wasn’t even that when he was playing the role. Not so much Doctor Who as Doctor Who The Fuck Does He Think He Is? Wanker.

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