Coconut shy councillor in court tomorrow

Do you remember this cretinous episode?

This is the one in Bristol where the (Lib Dem) black councillor called the (Tory) Asian councillor a coconut.

Councillor Shirley Brown will tomorrow be in court charged with racially aggravated harassment.  For calling someone coconut in the council chamber.

One would hope that this will be thrown straight out but who can honestly say?  Only one thing need stand out, though:

After a couple of days Brown made a lavish apology, albeit after apparently complaining to reporters: “How can I be racist? I’m black.”

How indeed.

[Cllr] Jethwa’s family arrived in the UK after being thrown out of Uganda — on the grounds that they were Asian — by a black African dictator, Idi Amin.

Long may these Muppets continue to tie each other in knots, as it were.



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