Education, Emasculation, Elimination

Even as someone who didn’t go to a private school, I find this outrageous.


Yeah – so far so meh. Read on.

Two out of three top independent schools approached by The Daily Telegraph said teenagers were finding it harder to get into higher education this year compared with 12 months ago.

In some cases, pupils predicted to get three A*s at A-level – along with a string of perfect GCSE results – are being turned down from all five of their choices.

This would have been unheard of back when I was in the University system. The point about the value of all these A* A Levels is striking though. I mean, if you can get top marks across a dozen or more exams, but remain undistinguished, what’s the sodding point?

Entry to Oxbridge is especially hard this year, heads claim. Some schools reported a drop of around three-quarters in the number of students with offers from Oxford and Cambridge.

Heads said the squeeze was being exacerbated by the Government’s “widening participation” policy. It encourages universities to give lower grade offers to bright pupils from poor schools showing the most potential.

This is a classic expression of Labour’s chippy ‘tall poppy’ approach to equality. Providing opportunity for the (meritocratically) less deserving not by making additional opportunitites available, but by directly removing opportunities from those best placed to make the most of them – for themselves, for the economy and for society.

And why? Well for all the talk of equality and social mobility, it’s hard not to believe that Harman, Brown, Prescott et al relish opportunities to spank those of any perceived privilege. The on-going class warfare politics of Labour make it all too plain.

Fucking get them out and keep them out.



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One Response to Education, Emasculation, Elimination

  1. PT Barnum says:

    “It encourages universities to give lower grade offers to bright pupils from poor schools”

    Curious wording. A more accurate version would be:

    “It financially penalises universities for not meeting centrally determined targets to admit a percentage of students from specified socio-economic groups even when their grades are lower than the usual minimum points offer.”

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