This isn’t going to go down well if an exception is made.


I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming, but it’s obvious when you think about it.

Islamic scholars have forbidden Muslim travellers from passing through full body scans at airports because they violate religious rules on nudity.

The Fiqh Council of North America issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, yesterday warning Muslims not to go through the scanners.

‘It is a violation of clear Islamic teachings that men or women be seen naked by other men and women,’ read the order.

And since I mentioned making an exception,

In the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration said Muslims will have the option of a pat down search by a security guard.

Quel surprise. Barry’s capitulated. Sadly that’ll embolden the Gobshite Council of Britain to action.

But actually, further down the article:

The TSA stressed that the body scanners are ‘optional to all passengers’.

Those who turn them down in the US ‘will receive equivalent screening that may include a physical pat-down, hand-wanding, and other technologies.’

So no exception is being made for Muslims. Here, however, the scanners are compulsory.

However, in Britain, travellers who refuse to pass through the scanners could be barred from boarding.

So Muslims who wish to observe this Islamic ruling will be barred from free passage.

Human Rights Act. Game, set & match.

These scanners are sunk.


Oh, and last week, we learned of images of some Bollywood star from the scanners at Heathrow being printed out, en masse.


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2 Responses to Aha!

  1. Another of Gordon’s brilliant knee-jerk wheezes turns to shit.

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