Words fail him

Dungeekin, that is. Which makes me wonder who wrote the 800 commendable word following his confession.

Reproduced in full, as it speaks perfectly to my opinion on Broon’s much touted TV skriking this coming weekend.

Words Fail Me
My thesaurus is going to get a serious workout here.

Cynical. Loathsome. Detestable. Vile. Despicable. Disgraceful. Nauseating. Abhorrent. Reprehensible.
I haven’t really been angry about the political machinations of ‘Colostomy’ Brown for a while – there’s a General Election coming and I’ve sustained myself with the dream that this incompetent buffoon will be ejected from the office he doesn’t deserve and cast into the political wasteland he so richly does.
But this…this…THIS repellent display has brought the rage back in glorious Technicolor.

Firstly, allow me to quote something:

Some people have been asking why I haven’t served my children up for spreads in the papers. And my answer is simple. My children aren’t props; they’re people.

Clearly after his lachrymose performance with the almost-as-odious Piers Morgan, the above only applies if the child in question is alive.

To lose a child is a heart-rending tragedy that I wouldn’t wish on any person, no matter what colour their rosette or how contemptible a human they are.

To USE that loss, though, in a carefully-timed and packaged interview in the run-up to a General Election – the sort of person who would do such a thing is not even contemptible. And not even human. To decide and agree to do such an interview proves that Gordon Brown has only one interest – to retain his grip on power, by any means, by any method.

You cannot tell me that this wasn’t carefully prepared. There is no way that the Cabinet Office and Brown’s spin-doctorate wouldn’t have gone through the questions list with a fine-tooth comb, ensuring that it portrayed Colostomy Brown in a sympathetic light. You cannot convince me that this wasn’t exquisitely planned, timed and leaked for a bounce in the opinion polls.

You will not convince the rest of the Electorate, either.

This is one of the most sickening, revolting pieces of political posturing I have ever, ever seen. I simply can’t find the words to express just how repugnant this is, and how contemptible a ‘man’ Brown has become in his desperate scrabble to maintain his position.

There’s only one word left that I can use.


Nothing. To. Add.



About Al Jahom
Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

3 Responses to Words fail him

  1. paulo says:

    Isn’t “twat” holding back somewhat?


  2. Ethan says:

    Brown’s a Thrush…..an irritating c*nt.
    You can deem people a thrush even in mixed company!

  3. Dungeekin says:

    Thanks for the link and the reprint.

    Twat is…well, I could’ve used several others but the rest came out mildly worded, so I didnt want to spoil the flow. Plus it fits in with my regular ‘Twat of the Week’ bit then.



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