Vodafone, HTC, Google: Fuck you all

You may recall that several months ago, I got an HTC Magic phone running Google’s Android OS version 1.5.

Soon after that, an over the air update to v1.6 happened, which improved some functionality, but still left the phone miles behind even older iPhones.

v2.0 of the Android OS is available now (since November, in fact), running on some Motorola phones.

But my phone won’t get the upgrade, despite early rumours.

Considering I’m stuck with this phone for another 12 months yet, this is fucking bollocks – I have an obsolete phone that’s 6 months old and I want Vodafone’s balls on a platter.

I’ll let you know how I get on – the end game is for them to take this piece of shit back and replace it with an iPhone 3GS – they can cancel my current contract and start me on a new one. At the moment, all they’ll offer is adding an iPhone to my current contract for a additional £45pcm.



2 thoughts on “Vodafone, HTC, Google: Fuck you all

  1. Muahahah… I trump that – I went out and got a Samsung Galaxy – large helping of retail remorse there… I would of course like to see Samsung’s bollocks on a kebab stick – V1.5 no updates at all….. mutter …

  2. “Considering I’m stuck with this phone for another 12 months yet…”

    I got fed up waiting for Voda to get their act together and bring in the iPhone, and their cancellation charges were eyewatering.

    Luckily, I already had another account with O2 – my mother’s mobile, which I pay for – and since she only uses it for emergencies and doesn’t care what number she has, we ‘swapped’ and I upgraded to the iPhone.

    Bonkers, that that’s what you have to do. Surely they’d make more money if they were more flexible with their contract? I wanted to pay them more money (in monthly terms), and they wouldn’t let me!

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