The Clown was right

From last month:


he goes on..

But then I asked him how accurate his PAYE had been for the last couple of years and the truth came out. For the last five years or so, his PAYE has consistently taken too much tax – not a lot, never more than £1500 and as little as £100 one year. But having spent no more than an hour on my tax return this year, including a call to HMRC to clarify something, I reckon that even £100 for an hour’s work is worth having, let alone £1500!

I know all this to be true, because a week ago, I got one of those letters, saying I don’t have to file anymore, subject to conditions.

Today, I received a cheque for £1235 overpaid in FY08/9. But no need to claim next year. Oh no. None.


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