Top plod Dizaei guilty of perverting the course of justice

.. and of misconduct in public office. Dizaei banged to rights. Both of these usually attract a prison sentence.


Lovely work.

More details here.

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UPDATE: IPCC Statement

Responding to the verdict, Nick Hardwick, Chair of the IPCC said: 

"When Mr Al Baghdadi tried to get Commander Dizaei to pay him the money he owed him, Dizaei assaulted and then arrested him. He went on to lie about what had happened and, if he had been successful, Mr Al Baghdadi may have been sent to prison

Dizaei behaved like a bully and the only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. Mr Al Baghdadi has shown tremendous strength of character throughout this case – from the moment he was confronted by Ali Dizaei, throughout our investigation, and finally when giving evidence at court. We are grateful for the confidence he placed in the IPCC and, as a result of that, justice has been done today.

The greatest threat to the reputation of the police service is criminals in uniform like Dizaei

Sentencing at 3PM

4 year sentence – to serve 2.

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