Toyota fuckwit syndrome spreads to Lexus

What is this nonsense? And WTF is a ‘Toyota Lexus’?


Mark Saylor, 45, died alongside his wife Cleofe, also 45, their daughter Mahala, 13, and Mrs Saylor’s brother Chris Lastrella when the hired Toyota Lexus they were travelling in accelerated out of control on a highway in San Diego.

In the emergency call, Mr Lastrella is heard saying: ‘We’re in a Lexus… and we’re going north on 125 and our accelerator is stuck… there’s no brakes… we’re approaching the intersection …. Hold on … hold on and pray … pray.’

To which emergency operator Jahom would have responded:

Stop being such a pussy. Drop it into neutral. Now you have brakes. And a handbrake. Oh and don’t turn the engine off (did you even consider that!?) until you’ve stopped.

Useless twat. Natural selection rules.



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6 Responses to Toyota fuckwit syndrome spreads to Lexus

  1. My very thoughts. He had time to make a phone call, but no time to move a lever from ‘D’ to ‘N’? Fuckwit.

  2. Ethan says:

    If the engine is under full accelleration will the lever actually disengage?
    I don’t know if it will and I don’t want to try it with our car cos I suspect it would be expensive to repair afterwards!
    Certainly you’d try that and/or turning off the ignition (but carefully avoiding the steering lock position).
    Panic can do odd things to you though. Wasn’t one of the people who died in this a off duty highway cop?
    If it’s a throttle by wire problem let’s hope it’s not generic as nearly all cars have it these days. My two do.
    Bring back the cars of the 70’s Mk 1&2 Granada’s, Cortina’s and Capri’s. Nothing complex about them.

    • Angry Exile says:

      If the engine is under full accelleration will the lever actually disengage?
      Yes. if it’s a manual gearbox and you remember to put your foot on the clutch first, even if you are so unbelievably unlucky that a selector fork or something breaks and leaves you stuck in gear. If the throttle jams *AND* you bust a selector fork *AND* your clutch cable goes at the same time you might well be taking harp lessons soon, but I can’t imagine how many bazillion miles of driving you’d need to do for all three to happen simultaneously. And yes if it’s a self shifter unless the selector has also fucked itself, which again sounds hugely improbable. Even with fly-by-wire throttles if push comes to shove you can just stick the fucker in neutral and let it bounce of the rev limiter until it runs out of fuel. Maybe something with an all electronically controlled transmission plus a fly-by-wire throttle might do it, but the only car I can think of is a Toyota Pious and if it was up to me you’d be dodging fucking gunfire driving one of those anyway. :-)

      I don’t know if it will and I don’t want to try it with our car cos I suspect it would be expensive to repair afterwards!
      As opposed to wrapping it around a tree, which everyone knows will polish out nicely with a bit of T-Cut? ;-) To say nothing of the months of recovery time in hospital, assuming everybody actually survives the crash. Look, I’m very fond of my car but if it’s a choice of wrecking the engine and transmission or killing myself and wrecking the whole fucking car anyway there’s really only one choice, isn’t there?

      One other point to consider – most cars can brake better than they can accelerate, and to my mind that means even though you’re going to get some very hot brakes as a result you ought to be able to stop the car even from motorway speeds and then turn the engine off pretty fucking sharpish before the thing takes off again.

  3. The Man with Many Chins says:

    I seem to recall when watching some American news, that the driver cannot move the vehicle out of Drive, its locked in..

    That seems strange to me as the owner of an auto myself.

    It has also been reported that the engine power is enough to overcome the brakes on some of these vehicles with a fault. In this country though, its simples….depress the clutch.

    • Al Jahom says:

      That does seem odd – I’ve had 4 different automatics from 4 different manufacturers, and you could drop all of them into neutral at any speed. For this very reason.

  4. RantinRab says:

    This is jolly encouraging considering I am having my very first driving lesson on Tuesday!

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