Pan-Blogojoberous Arse Gravy

Just a summary of other people’s shite for the minute.

First up, trouble at mill for the airport scanner scheme, via Dizzy.


Not that I personally give a fuck, but anything that throws a spanner in their scheme works for me. More worrying is this:

putting aside the possible fact that the use of these scanners may actually break UK law in terms of exposure to ionising radiation regulations,

Errr? What?

Next, Obo’s bashing Cameron and his fuckwits in the style to which we are rapidly becoming accustomed.



Yon Slug also takes on Tory feculence.


Osborne’s behavioural economics gashleak is also taken apart by Chris Dillow.


Steve Shark lulz at Sion Simon’s latest venture into breath-taking hubris.


Dick Puddlecote continues to take apart the bullshit peddled by the anti-smokers and bansturbators.


Ho hum. More anon, no doubt.


UPDATE 1: Mummylonglegs brings us the WTF? of the day.


More on this here and here.


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