The government should clearly be raising awareness of the danger of holdalls.

I mean.. it’s one thing to find a spider in your bananas, or even a seahorse amongst your whitebait.


Yesterday, Tesco and Asda withdrew sales of holdalls, until they can all be checked for an absence of dead babies.



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2 Responses to The government should clearly be raising awareness of the danger of holdalls.

  1. Ethan says:

    Actually I worked at the same place when she was there. She was divorcing Mr D McCrow around that time. Nice woman always well dressed perfect make up etc -maybe a little vain. She was much thinner in the face so I hardly recognised her from front page of ‘The Stun’.
    I guess being made redundant from the Lloyds Syndicate where she was inwards Credit Control Manager (owned by big american company T……..), her second (or was it third – Dereks on No3 at the mo -oddly enough my wife worked with Derek for years at a Lloyds Broker) marriage imploding and the house being lost just made her snap. I think she’s more to be pitied but what she did was ghastly. I think rather than be locked up she needs to be sectioned. Insurance in the city is a small world.

    TBH though I didn’t think what she did merited the huge salary and title she was getting but long ago I realised that life is unfair and then you die. Plus I always though the management were idiots which is one reason I left.

  2. Dead child in holdall? Has anyone alerted the Portuguese Police? A certain 3-4year old from Leicestershire…..

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