Die, story, die.

Why won’t this bullshit just die?



I dealt with this shit last year, on 29th March, 28th August and 15th September.

Let’s consider from an economic and commercial point of view. Specifically, as the last G20 country to come out of what was the longest recession ever. With Q4 growth of a pathetic 0.1%, built on QE, the VAT cut, the stamp duty holiday, the scrappage scheme and Christmas shite.

The whole package would cost an extra £5.26 billion a year on top of the £2.07 billion at the moment.

And that’s pretty much just for the…

Fathers [who] would be eligible during that three-month paternity leave to statutory government pay of £123 a week.

So what about the cost to business?

Last night, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) pointed out that the new measure would be one of eight extra costs to businesses already planned for next year. In total, business leaders estimate that red tape and planned increases in national insurance will cost £25.6 billion over the next four years.

“I know, Gordon”, said Puppet-Gordon, “we love tax revenues, so let’s fucking kill the goose that lays the golden egg.”

Fuck off Labour. Fuck off welfare state. Fuck off paternity leave.

If you support any of these, you are a rancid, yeasty helmet.



9 thoughts on “Die, story, die.

  1. Worked for a few years in Sweden, where they already have this parternity leave nonense. The daddy can take 4-6 months off, at any time during the childs early years.

    Hardly any of ’em take the first year, because who wants to be stuck at home with a screaming blob and a tearful woman?

    So when do they take the leave? Simple: whenever there’s a major sporting tournament. As soon as the European Championships, or the World Cup, kicks off, the offices empty.

    And we want that here? Fuck off.

    • We’re usually quite good at cricket as well Steve, but then we go and bugger it all up somewhere along the way and spend the final day praying for rain..

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