Anti-depressants disqualify you from jury duty. Et tu, Gordon?

This seems rather silly.

Jury service is one of the most important civic duties you can ever perform.

So why are some high flyers, like a university researcher from Bournemouth, not allowed to do it?

They are banned because they have had a mental illness in the past and still have some treatment for it.

I.e. she’s had depression and she takes Prozac or the like.

And the Ministry of Justice see no problem with the situation.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "There can be no question of changing the law to allow people to serve as jurors where their ability to do so is in doubt.

If we accept this as a firm and well-founded position, the question arises once again: Is Brown fit to run the country?

Not, I think, if he’s taking heavy-duty mood-altering substances. MAOIs.

Having read various books about Brown and the Labour government, its pretty easy to conclude that Brown’s serious psychological problems have had a direct (and profoundly negative) bearing on the operation of government and on the country.

This should never be allowed to happen again, which is why I support the levels of scrutiny that US presidents undergo regarding their physical and mental fitness for office, because Brown clearly has neither, and Blair clearly has some sort of serious personality disorder.



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4 Responses to Anti-depressants disqualify you from jury duty. Et tu, Gordon?

  1. saltedslug says:

    Or he could just be a monumentally incompetent cockweasel

  2. Marksany says:

    The fact that you want to be PM indicates a mental disorder and unsuitability.

  3. JohnW says:

    Don’t all politicians have mental problems? ie they are either sociopaths or psychopaths.

  4. That explains why Ive never been called up for Jury service, My brother has but hes onlyjust under five years older…..

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