Just fuck all the way off

This idea does get floated occasionally, and I know I shouldn’t let it wind me up, but it does.


In a report published today, the Sustainable Development Commission has called on ministers to bring in the cameras to ensure that motorists stick to the 70 mph limit.

This alone would achieve a reduction of of 1.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, the Commission says.

Okay. Let’s forget the arguments about climate change. Let’s forget the arguments about the futility of an arbitrary speed limit that is lower than much of mainland Europe.

Over the last 18 months, I have been privileged (!) to cover thousands of motorway miles under average speed cameras. Through and around road works on the M1, M6, M62, M18, M25, M3 and M4. There’s now also a permanent SPECS installation covering a new 50MPH section at M3 J2-3.

Three key points need to be made:

  • Driving under the constant scrutiny of average speed cameras is much more stressful than otherwise. This makes long journeys un-necessarily tiring.
  • The combination of tiring with boring makes accidents due to loss of attention much more likely
  • The rolling road block effect that these cameras have causes traffic to bunch and this makes changing lanes – hence joining and leaving the motorway – very difficult.

But I don’t suppose any of this matters to the haters of motoring and motorists.

Shitheads to a man.

For more see http://www.safespeed.org.uk/



4 thoughts on “Just fuck all the way off

  1. I guess they figured the ‘Speed kills!’ message had been finally put to bed, so they are now jumping on the ‘You’re killing Gaia!’ gravy train instead…

  2. Ahh, sometimes I dream of still being able to do 50mph through roadworks… because the softcocks here push it all the way down to 40. And yes, that’s on the freeway. And yes, that’s kilometers per hour, or about 25 in old money. Still, at least all the shit drivers here crash into each other more slowly in the roadworks.

  3. So, average speed cameras on the motorways, average speed cameras all over the road network, tax/insurance/MOT/arrest warrant/suspect list cameras all over Britain, Police State.

    Ok, so I missed out a couple of steps but it’s not a difficult escalation path is it?

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