Just do it

On 25th October 2009, I reckoned:

So, announce an election, and launch a campaign on 25th Jan. ‘Good’ economic news from Q4 gets Gordo off to a (falsely) encouraging start. He’ll be planning as long and tortuous a campaign as possible, because he’ll want maximum opportunities for the Dib Lems and Blue Labour to fuck up. As I’ve said before, Gordo really has nothing to lose.

Today is that day … and on Twatter:




But this is all just talk. Here’s the money:


We can, as IanPJ say, only hope.





One thought on “Just do it

  1. The only Balls that man has are in the Cabinet – he has none of his own.

    He won’t call an election.

    For a man who writes books on courage (in his own crayon) he may know it when he see’s it (in others) but has none of his own thats for sure.

    Plus I’m not in any hurry to get that fecktard Cameron in either. IMO give the Lib.Lab.Con conglomerate a big shock and vote for someone else.

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