Just one last thing on DINGs marriage scam

Dave and George say that tax breaks for marriage will not be paid for by taxing motorists.

Let’s try some logic, shall we.

  • Premise: Tax income is not at all hypothecated (ring-fenced) in the UK system.
  • Fact: Tories will levy further taxes on motorists.
  • Fact: Tories will levy fewer taxes on married couples.

Ergo – and there’s no avoiding this conclusion – to a greater or lesser extent, motorists will fund tax cuts for married couples.



Oh, and Guido has them banged to rights.

On the Today programme this morning Osborne described claims that the Tories would increase road tax to pay for tax breaks for married couples as “bizarre”, saying “it bears no reality to our thinking in this area”.

Hold on, what is this from page 4 of the Tory “Plan for a Strong Economy”?

image image


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