Perks of the job

Hey – I may only have get a shitty pay rise this year, but at least my company are offering some great new benefits, like.. err.. a cycle to work scheme.


And this is just perfect for me. Really it is. It would have made the 300 mile round trip I did last Thursday a doddle. And those 28 miles to my nearest office would just fly by. Especially on a brand new £300 bike, which would doubtless put mine to shame, costing as it did north of a grand.

So basically, I’m subsidising people who don’t already have a bike, to get a cheap nasty Chinese bike, that can be stolen from the railway station by chavs, to be used in the commissioning of further bag snatchings and muggings.

Sounds perfectly sensible.

Get the fuck out of my pockets you cunts.



3 thoughts on “Perks of the job

  1. WAIT!!

    Has a risk assesment been carried out? Has everyone been for the ‘can you actually ride a bike without being a danger to yourself and others’ training course?

    We need to know.

  2. They are doing itvwhere I work. All the cycle mad nutters are getting new £2000 bikes on the scheme to add to their existing collections of bikes. One of them acts as bike monitor to check they are using them to commute to work. living 30 miles away with no train service I can’t use the scheme if I wanted to. It makes me fucking spit.

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