Postman Prat hands victory to Oddjob Choudary

Fuck’s sake.


And Blue Labour are right behind this:

Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling welcomed the decision to ban Islam4UK.

He said: "We cannot permit any group which propagates the views of banned international preachers of hate and organises hate-filled public protests to operate in Britain.

"Now ministers need to look at how they are going to ban other groups in the UK which are part of broader international networks of extremism."

Right. That’ll work.

The Home Secretary is resolute.

The interest here is nothing more or less than moving tanks onto the BNP’s lawn.




4 thoughts on “Postman Prat hands victory to Oddjob Choudary

  1. I’d like to know how much effort Choudry makes to find work, since this shit-bag is claiming benefits.

    Perhaps stopping his benefits might make things interesting for him.

  2. Let them march! Then we could all go down and ridicule the beardie fuckers. Oh, hang on, then we’d be guilty of islamophobia! You just can’t win can you. Time for another Glorious Revolution I think.

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