The Transnational Socialist Corporatist Conspiracy

A while back, I wondered:

if the web of tin-foil hat conspiracy theories on the intermong provides the perfect cover for governments to carry out the most absurd stunts with impunity?

I also recently quoted Peter Hitchen’s contention that Marxist ends have become so entrenched in post-war western society that the Tory party has espoused them.

The goals which revolutionary Marxists of my generation sought – a radical reordering of the relations between the sexes, a weakening of the married family, a general moral, cultural and social revolution, the destruction of the taboos against abortion, illegitimacy and divorce, egalitarian education, the abolition of frontiers and of nation states, the end of restrictions on immigration and the withering away of national borders, the sociological approach to crime as opposed to the belief that wrongdoing was an act of free will that deserved punishment, the infiltration of the media, the schools and universities by radical and revolutionary ideas about history and society, the dismantling of the canon of literature and of conservative attitudes towards history, the general denigration of the British Empire, the demolition of the idea that education was a passing on of accepted knowledge, and so of the idea that teachers are figures of authority – are now the policies of the establishment and so the policies of the Modern Conservative party – despite occasional sops – of the sort listed by Tim [Montgomerie] – offered to conservative thinkers.

So I’m obliged to Fausty, who recently came up with some quite interesting material from the USA.

The deliberate dumbing down of the world

Charlotte Iserbyt, Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Education in Ronald Reagan’s government, had access to official documentation detailing the way in which education around the world was to be dumbed down to provide the "perfect workers" for corporations.

The purpose of all of this, Iserbyt says, is to groom children for work in corporations – "workforce training". Various programmes have been implemented in state schools – such as "no child left behind, role playing, eliminating competition, etc.

These programmes are implemented by teachers, who have been given "sensitivity training" by "change agents".

Hell, even our police get sensitivity training.

Iserbyt documents the process of dumbing down in her book "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America", which is largely comprised of extracts from official government documentation.

Download the book for free here.

In it, she explains that Professor Benjamin Bloom, Behavioural Psychologist (author of the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, which teachers are required to study), regarded the purpose of education as the facility "to change the thoughts, actions and feelings of students". Reading, writing and arithmetic are NOT the objective.

Bloom said that one method of changing a student’s beliefs (e.g., from a belief in God to an atheistic stance) is to challenge the student. He claimed he could change a student’s beliefs in one hour.

Do read on and watch some of the most informative videos, including this one, which takes a little of your time, but shows how all the wealth we are creating and earning is being absorbed in spite of most consumer goods and services (cars, clothes, food & eating out, holidays, travel) have become much cheaper in a generation. It also shows how having a family is a FAR riskier enterprise now, financially, than it was a generation ago.

Fast forward to about 4:30 to get straight into it.

A notable feature is the direct and indirect consequence of the need for the average household to have two incomes.

The line of enquiry as to how that came to be isn’t explored here, but feminism, as part of the above Marxist agenda features heavily by my reckoning.

And stick your tin-foil hat right up your arse.



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