No sympathy year

Many lefties remember the dejection suffered by ousted Tories at the election in May 1997.

Many of us can’t wait to see the faces on some of the lefties as they are unceremoniously ejected this year.

Here’s a list of MPs, sorted by those with the smallest majorities.


There was a programme on R4 this morning about the lot faced by ex-MPs, many of whom leave parliament without up to date skills, and especially now, leave with stains on their characters. Of course many of the big boys will have sinecures lined up, but actually, quite a lot of these ex-MPs to be are in for a shock.

I’m looking forward to it.

Listen to the programme here:



Bring on the carnage. A massive archive of youtube clips to be enjoyed repeatedly awaits.


UPDATE: Via The Times, here’s Charles Clarke’s memo on the matter.


4 thoughts on “No sympathy year

  1. I had been looking forward to it as well, if I thought that it would really happen. There’s too much complacency around generally (shown, too, by Julia M, who is usually very level-headed) but with Cameron’s dictatorial views on “green issues”, confirmed again today, and with so many Tories being aware that global warming, carbon credits and all the destructively unaffordable consequences of this swindle, I – and I know, some like me – will not be able to put their cross in the Tory box. For me it’s the last straw.

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