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Bad news buried under Blair’s bollocks

Via ConHome.


Iain Dale has spotted an attempt to bury bad news on the day that the media is focusing on Tony Blair’s evidence session at the Chilcot Inquiry.

The Government has this morning quietly released the latest NHS waiting time statistics for England which read as follows:

The number of inpatients, for whom English commissioners are responsible, waiting over 13 weeks at the end of December 2009 was 57,600, an increase of 12,300 (27.3%) from November 2009, and a rise of 18,000 (45.3%) from December 2008.
The number of outpatients, for whom English commissioners are responsible, waiting over 8 weeks at the end of December 2009 was 74,100, an increase of 11,700 (18.8%) from November 2009, but a rise of 26,900 (57.0%) from December 2008.

The wheels continue to fall off the Labour wagon…

And jolly amusing that is too – except for the fact our country’s fate is bound to the fuckers.


Boost for those waiting to die

Perhaps if Martin Amis can’t get his suicide booths idea off the ground, he could advertise for Toyota instead.

After all, that’s what you drive while you’re waiting to die. And Toyota are helping you towards your destiny.



Leading the way out of the.. oh wait. Saving the b.. no. Northern Irel.. ah.

Useless twat, Brown.


One of the world’s biggest credit ratings agencies said that Britain’s ongoing “weak economic environment” and Gordon Brown’s failure to properly reform the financial system had led to its unprecedented decision to “downgrade” Britain’s banks.

The warning from Standard & Poor’s sparked an immediate slump in the stock market and the value of the pound last night.

The international creditworthiness of the country’s banking system is now on a level which is equivalent to poorer countries such as Chile and Portugal.

Chile? FFS.



Simplicity itself

This quote is bounding around the PFJ blogomong at a rate of knots. It deserves to. I give you Mr Eugenides:

The main argument now, increasingly, is between those who view the state as an enabler and those who view it as, at best, a sometimes necessary irritant. To employ a massively oversimplified analogy, statists seem to think that the state should act as captain, coach, physio, kitman, ballboy, PR department, groundsman, ticketing department, FIFA representative, the guy with the half time oranges, agent, translator, WAG, turnstile operator, matchday police, the guy selling the big flags outside the ground and the guy confiscating the big flags on the way into the ground.

Libertarians just want a guy with a fucking whistle.



ITV to abandon schedules

ITN News at Ten will be replaced by ‘News some time late on Thursday’, and a card through your door will remind you that you can pick up Coronation Street from an industrial unit 10 miles away, next Saturday morning.




The government should clearly be raising awareness of the danger of holdalls.

I mean.. it’s one thing to find a spider in your bananas, or even a seahorse amongst your whitebait.


Yesterday, Tesco and Asda withdrew sales of holdalls, until they can all be checked for an absence of dead babies.


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