No good will come of this…


Exhibit A:

Called herself ‘Paedo whore mum’

Former prostitute and Jade Goody impersonator, Angela Allen,
‘offered a three-year-old girl as a sexual trophy to strangers”

Now exhibit B:


The move, to be staggered over the next three years, will see the size of the women’s prison estate cut by around ten per cent and could see entire jails closed down.

It is part of the ongoing policy by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, to reduce the number of women being jailed and increase the use of community penalties.

I’m deeply concerned that gender considerations should enter into the process of determining the appropriate sentence for a given crime. I’m not so naive as to believe it wasn’t ever thus, but an explicit policy is just unbelievable. Was there ever a time when proprtionately more women than men were being sent to prison? I think not.

I’ve already pointed out that there is a rising tide of female violence, so why have a policy giving women preferential sentencing? Don’t fucking encourage them.

Meanwhile, today’s Times again underlines the problem of blindness to the capacity for evil that exists in some (some? who am I kidding?) women:


The notion that women are capable of sexual violence is still considered widely unacceptable even two decades after the seminal study on the subject was published by Estela Welldon, which went on to have a major impact on the psychoanalytical understanding of female perversion. Before her study, it was commonly held by many of those working in the mental health professions that only men — by virtue of their anatomy — were capable of sexual deviance or violence. Women, by contrast, were merely “neurotic” and therefore relatively harmless in this respect.

At first glance, the statistics do not seem too much of a problem — figures from the Home Office show that only 1 per cent of those convicted of sex offences are women. Figures from ChildLine published in 2004, however, are more shocking and serve to illustrate how difficult it can be to assess the true picture — 25 per cent of the children who call ChildLine with allegations of sexual abuse report that it has been perpetrated by a woman.

I’m not sure these are the circumstances in which to be pursuing a feminist approach to imprisonment.

I’m not convinced any such circumstances exist.


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