A field full of fuckers…

… to borrow the old Billy Connolly joke.

One particular Heffer has it spot on this morning:

Labour confidently expects to make mincemeat of Mr Osborne in an election campaign. They know that neither he, nor his boss, grasps the fundamentals. They know that the few people in the Tory party who see what has to be done – John Redwood and Michael Fallon, say – are in outer darkness, mainly for the sin of being cleverer than the amateurs in charge. Given what a disaster Labour has created, that the party should have any hope of putting up a decent economic argument during an election campaign is stunningly appalling: and the worst indictment imaginable of the Tory party.

The Tories should be 20 points ahead in the polls, rather than having a single-digit lead that causes, understandably, talk of a hung parliament. It is because they lack clarity, and lack appeal to those who are fundamentally conservative, that they struggle. Hard-working people want the state to contract. They want big public spending cuts. They want the public sector to endure the same pain as the private. They want to see tax cuts, to make their own jobs safer by reversing the tide of shrinking demand. They understand that the economy must be restructured. They hear very little of this from the Conservative Party. As a result, many of them do not propose to vote, or will support a "proper" conservative party such as Ukip.

Well, he’s right, isn’t he? Cameron and Osborne are a feckless pair of milquetoast PR dirigibles, and in spite of my own Tory MP being very good indeed, he’s going to have to work very hard indeed to get my vote.



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2 Responses to A field full of fuckers…

  1. QM says:

    Yep, same with me, Cameron has singularly failed to seal the deal leaving talent like Hannan, Carswell, Redwood and Fallon on the sidelines, ignoring the dominant EUsceptisism in the Tory grass roots and telling us we’re going to follow him or else on green policies.

    Epic fail.

  2. Bill Sticker says:

    No ex-pat vote for Cameron et al from this address either. UKIP seem the only realistic alternative to LibLabCOn.

    The Parliamentary Tories need a serious kick up the electoral buttocks.

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