Griffin may be many things, but he isn’t stupid…

Mummylonglegs has spun an excellent piece of work, picking up on Nick Griffin’s shrewd and laudably cheeky move of getting to represent the EU at the Copenhagen Climate Change talks, from an Anti-AGW position.

The reason it’s shrewd is that in the wake of #Climategate, the Anti-AGW bandwagon is just now starting to pick up members of the general apolitical public, who are realising they’ve been had (again!) and none of the other politicians are willing to stand up and say what so very many of us are thinking on the topic of AGW.

My views on AGW are pretty clear:

As are my views on the BNP:

Now, I still wouldn’t vote for the BNP, but I can’t deny thinking that Griffin is onto a winner here.

And another way to look at it is this: Years of pressure from, and mounting success of, the BNP has forced the major parties, particularly Labour, to finally face and admit the problems of mass immigration.

If Griffin can get up a head of steam on this Anti-AGW thing, it may just, may just, force the other parties in to coughing up the green-pills they gobbled down like John Prescott in a bukkake video.

Good news.



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