Labour find previously undiscovered voters…

White working class ones. The ones who may not be very well educated, but just want to go to work, live their life and have whatever little fun. The ones whose lot has been worsened by Labour for nearly 13 years, thanks to unfettered immigration, a catastrophic welfare state, smoking bans, constant hectoring and sneering, and general Islingtonisation of popular politics.

Well, it’s a bit fucking late and it’s more than a bit opportunistic, as the BNP look set to win seats in the next parliament. While I have no love of the BNP, them winning representation in Parliament, having already succeeded at the local and EU level, would be just the rocket-up-the-arse needed to smash the cosy consensus that hangs millions of indigenous Brits out to dry.

The Labour awakening does appear to be coordinated, too, which makes it all the more opportunistic and all the less of a genuine epiphany. In fact, it’s nothing less than tacit acknowledgement that Labour has consciously taken their core voters for granted and treated their views and concerns with disdain for 13 years.

We have something called a John Denham.


We have Tom Harris, who mentions others in the coterie.


THIS POST from Alex Smith of LabourList has caught my attention. It quotes Michael Merrick’s assessment last week about how Labour can connect with the poorest in society.

Anyway, let’s see if dear Tom publishes my comment.


Talk about on the fucking ball. Twats.



5 thoughts on “Labour find previously undiscovered voters…

  1. Excellent post. We’re on the same lines, then. Though it’s worrying that Labour are seeking to win back these voters. No doubt a few promises will be slung around but they’re about as believable as a shark promising a flounder that he won’t eat him if he sits in the shark’s mouth for warmth.

    I don’t want Labour back again in my lifetime, 12 years of lies and treachery towards working people is already too much.

  2. I see, when Scottish immigration to England includes Brown and Darling your against it but, your all for Alex Ferguson. I Love London – its my home and one of the truly great cities not just in the world but in history. However as soon as England quantifies the total revenue it has received from the North Sea Oil in GDP, Primary, secondary and tertiary taxes and returns it to Scotland, along with the right for Scotland to actually have its own territorial waters, (currently they are ex-regina) then I may consider returning back to Scotland. You can have NatWest and Halifax back, it wasn’t us that fucked them up. We will just consider the Scottish enlightenment and the industrial revolution as our gifts to our English cousins. And by the way we will also withdraw from your UK military forces as even a brief reading of British military history may indicate the extent to which the Empire depended on Scotland.

  3. Toni, have a swig of my buckfast and shut up.

    Can you not see a tongue in a cheek when it’s right front of you?

    Scotland is a fucking depressing shit hole with a huge chip on it’s lardy shoulder, I know, I’m one of the poor bastards who still live here. And that was not tongue in cheek.

  4. Rab, course I can see the tongue in cheek, but lets be honest the contribution that Scotland made has rarely been acknowledged by the English.
    And yes I am one of the plastic jocks that loves Scotland the further I am away from it. Haven’t been back to Govan since I was six and my family now live in Bellahouston. By the way they sell bucky down here as well maybe there just being ironic.


    I genuinely thought it was going to be an article how Labour has found about nine hundred thousand new postal voters per Labour marginal constituency.

    You know good old Labour vote rigging. sort of thing I could imagine Prezza (‘I am my own Grandpa’) doing.

    Probably the only way ‘Team GB’ will ever win an election. Though ‘Gawd ‘elp us all’ if that tosser gets back in.

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